Specialised Applications

MGS Painting are skilled in many applications around your home, office or buildings with a range of high quality selected products that we are trained to use for your development project. 


Granosite Applications


Specialist Architectural Coatings manufactured by Granosite, ensures optimum, long lasting texture performance and carry a conditional ten (10) year warranty for a complete texture system.


Granosite products can be trowelled, rolled or sprayed on, creating different texture profiles. The team at MGS Protective Coating are skilled applicators who are totally conversant with the products and systems.


Epoxy Coating


Epoxy coating is durable and long lasting, commonly used on garage floors for a tough and protective finish. Applied by our skilled applicators to prevent the penetration of dirt, oils and staining from unwanted foreign materials. Epoxy coating can be used for both residential or commercial applications.


Anti Graffiti Coating & Removal 


Our range of anti graffiti applications has excellent resistance to atmospheric exposure, colour and gloss retention. The product creates a tough and abrasion resistant film making it highly resistant to vegetable oils, paraffins, aliphatic petroleum products and mild chemicals. In addition our commercial grade tough graffiti remover can be used on internal and external surfaces and will remove unwanted graffiti. 


Sika Coatings


MGS specialise in Sika coatings, which includes the applications of floor treatments, waterproofing, epoxy repair and surface treatments.


Driveway Re-sealing / Pressure Washing


Sealing or re-sealing of decorative concrete driveways should be done by a skilled applicator. Applied correctly a strong sealer will ensure your driveway colour is maintained for a long time. The team at MGS will high pressure clean your driveway and apply a high grade sealant that will keep your driveway looking fantastic. Resealing your driveway is essential as they wear over time so don't leave it too long between re-sealing your investment.


Spray Painting


Spray Painting should only be done by a skilled applicator, to ensure consistency and a perfect finish to your project. The team at MGS are skilled in spray painting and can complete your job in a professional manner.


Roof Restoration


Repair your faded roof and protect your investment, at MGS we take care in the restoration of your home or commercial premises. Like all things exposed to the harsh Australian sun, you need to provide it protection against the harsh elements. Prevent unwanted and unnecessary roof leaks, enhance the appearance of your home or office with a quality guarantee that will give you peace of mind.


High Pressure Water Cleaning


High pressure water cleaning restores years back into your driveway, roof, pathways or external walls. High pressure cleaning removes years of unwanted dirt and build up that makes your home or office look dated and lifeless. High pressure cleaning is an affordable way to enhance your homes appearance and compliments a new paint job.


In addition we specialise in 


Texture Coatings


Two Pack Epoxy Coatings 




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